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Habich GmbH


Inorganic Pigment

Habich GmbH offers a comprehensive range of inorganic pigments for a wide variety of application.
Most of these, also referred to as mineral pigments, offer superior chemical stability combined with very good heat resistance, lightfastness and weatherability. They are extremely opaque, have a relatively high colour strength and are easy to incorporate.
Inorganic pigments do not migrate and do not bleed in organic solvents and plasticizers.
Thanks to their interesting technical properties, inorganic pigments are reliable colourants in plastics, paints, lacquers and printing inks based on a wide variety of inorganic and organic binder systems, some of them are suitable for colouring cement, lime and silicate-based construction chemical products.


High Performance Corrosion Inhibitors

Habich GmbH produces a wide range of inorganic anti-corrosive pigments to effectively protect important metal surfaces such as steel, zinc or aluminum and to save costs in the long term.
The products are known globally under the trade name Habicor®. They are compatible with a wide variety of organic coating systems and significantly improve the product life of metal surfaces.

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